A Trip to Ericeira and Goodbyes to New Friends

On Tuesday I left Baleal for the longest time so far. Petter talked me into it and I’m happy I went. He left for Lisbon on Friday and is flying back home on Tuesday. I drove back “home” to Baleal yesterday.

Ericeira – so much prettier than I remembered

I didn’t come to Ericeira at all last fall and I haven’t been here since the surf trip about ten years ago. I had completely forgotten how pretty the town is. Surfing here is much more complicated than in Baleal though. Reef and rocks on most of the beaches. Also the tide timings were not so good for after work surfing this week. I ended up taking a break with surfing.

Praia do Matadouro right after sunset.

I stayed at Ericeira Camping which is a really nice place. The price with electricity was about 14 Euros and all the amenities were really clean and working well. The closest beaches are in walking distance too.

The town is really pretty and just a good kilometer away. The walk to the town is really pretty too.

Daytime view of Praia do São Sebastião
Saying goodbyes and returning home

Petter has been a good buddy here the past weeks and I’m sure I will miss him soon. We had a goodbye dinner on Thursday with him, a Finnish girl and a French guy who also have been around too for some time. We had a fun night in a fish restaurant and then we shared a bottle of wine at the campsite afterwards. I had a bit slow Friday morning at work after that, but mainly because of not having enough sleep. I didn’t drink that much.

I decided to stay for another night in Ericeira and relax there. On Friday there was a lot of sport I wanted to see (tennis and ice hockey) and being in a campsite hooked into electricity made that easier. Yesterday I drove back to Baleal and now I’m testing this new parking spot I found while surf skating. It was really quiet to sleep at, but there’s no ocean view and the walk to the beach is longer too. It seems like this is a place where a lot of people come to sleep. I might try the same even though I don’t like driving around daily that much. I have been pushing my luck at the parking spot closer to the beach and this seems a better place to avoid trouble with the authorities.

Other news

I bought surfing boots in Ericeira. Now I’m a little bit better prepared for cold water and even some rocky bottom / reef surfing. I might put them on today already. I have not surfed for the past week, but the week before I surfed pretty much every day. After the week I had some shoulder trouble so a break was something that I really needed. I ran again though and it seems that my heel is back to normal now. Surf skating has become my main hobby this past week. I went for a long tour this morning to see how the waves were and last night I did two smaller tours close to my new parking spot too.

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