Back to Work and on the Board Again

As I hoped, writing about my misery was helpful. The fever’s gone and my head feels brighter again. Thursday and Friday I worked normally again. And the past three days I’ve been surfing too.

Back to full strength, physically and mentally

I’m feeling back to normal again. I don’t know for sure what that was about, but my best guess still is that it was somehow stomach related. I’ve had only a fever before when others who ate the same bad food have had more drastic symptoms. I don’t know for sure, but the main thing is that it’s gone now.

Also complaining and writing out things that have bothered me has helped a little. Already putting the stuff in words always helps a little. I still need to work on putting the ideas in to practice, but that’ll come along.

Good and bad news from the surf front

I’ll start with the bad ones. I noticed that my new wetsuit had a cut on the right thigh after getting out of the water some days ago. I remember having one bigger wipeout and the fins must have hit the thigh and made the cut. The cut isn’t big, but it would get bigger quickly if not repaired.

I took it back to the surf shop I bought it from to ask what can be done and they said that they’ll send it to O’Neill and let them decide if it’s a warranty case (not likely) or if they will just fix it and charge me. I’m glad I did take it to the store though. Had I repaired it myself or let someone else do it for me, the warranty would have been voided.

And then the good news. On Friday the online portal of the surf shop had a message from O’Neill telling me that since the suit is so new they will repair the cut without a cost. That’s what I call customer service! Not just from them though, since Surf 58 gave me a replacement wetsuit I can use it until I get my own back. It’s nothing fancy and new, but without it I’d be stranded (literally). I’ve now used it three times and it’s quite ok. But I really do appreciate my own more now… Getting mine back may take a couple of weeks, but at least I can keep surfing.

Saturday night sunset from the Baleal Island
A beautiful morning surf today

I have to tell you about this morning surf session. The waves were quite small and not easy to get, but sunrise surf is something I’ll try to do more often from now on. It was breathtakingly beautiful! First it was foggy, but then the sun came out and all the colors were so different all of a sudden. And most importantly, I was in the water with just two others, which made everything so much easier. I may be a little too polite/careful when I’m in the line-up with many others. This morning I didn’t have to worry about others at all.

I also managed to ride a couple right handers (waves breaking to the right which means I as a goofy have to make a back turn). I’ve been struggling with them a little bit more than lefts so far. I’ve had a couple sessions that have made me feel like I should quit trying even, but this morning everything feels as amazing as ever. There really are a lot of highs and lows in this sport, but I guess many other things have them too.