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Morning Meditation and Other Good Routines

I have wrote something about my routines before, but I also promised to go more into detail about one of them. I meditate every morning for a few minutes. It’s not a big success story and it’s not something that has made a huge difference at least so far. But I’ll tell you more below. […]

Beautiful Camargue and San Sebastian Before Lisbon

The rest of the way to Lisbon went quickly. Audiobooks can really help driving long distances. I spent only two more nights before getting to Lisbon, but both of them in really beautiful places. Saintes Maries de la Mer (Camargue) From Genoa I drove straight to a small town of Saintes Maries de la Mer […]

Trip to Budapest – Six Workdays – Each from a Different Country

I had a crazy five days of working and driving coming down from Pärnu Estonia to Budapest. The following I would not recommend to anyone. I also had a chance to make a stopover in Riga and continue a tradition from last year. Leaving Pärnu and meeting Ville On Monday after I had said goodbyes […]

Working from a Hippie Village

Three days into working again. After the shock of the first day it has now started to feel almost normal again. Just the surroundings are somewhat different than at home. Brain softened by five weeks of holiday Monday was a bit tough, I have to admit. The longer than usual summer holiday really did what […]