Fighting the Antsiness and Becoming a Surfer

A question to myself: Why am I always in a hurry to move on?

On the weekend I was planning to leave the by Tuesday. Just yesterday I still wrote that I would be going to Spain today. But here I am in Baleal still. Now I’m trying really hard not to run off from something that really is near perfection. This parking spot is free, I can get more water for free and also empty the gray and black water for free nearby. There are nice people around and I feel really good. And the waves aren’t any better anywhere at the moment. Sure, Spanish learning here doesn’t work any better than from home, but I should have enough time for that yet.

Yesterday I went out for dinner with the other Finn parking here who lives in her mobile home permanently. She gave me plenty of good advice about making “van life” easier. But most of all she’s made me question my urgency and the “ants in the pants” mentality that keeps me always looking for something else and not really appreciating what I have at the moment. Why is it that I have the urge to move away from a place I feel good at? Am I running away from something? I have no answers yet, but I’ll try to resist the urge and enjoy the things that I have right now. We’ll see where that gets me.

There’s actually no reason I couldn’t work from right here next week. There is some noise around, but it shouldn’t be a problem at least during my working hours (aiming for 6.30 AM to 2.30 PM).

I’m officially a surfer now

I bought my first own surf board yesterday. Even though I’m not any better at surfing because of that, it still makes me feel like a proper surfer somehow. I’m committed to it now more than I’ve been so far and somehow it feels like I’ve really done something more than just given a lot of money to the local surf shop (the website seems to be online almost as much as it’s offline). The board not the one I linked in yesterday’s post, but it’s the same size with different color scheme. Now only thing that’s missing are the waves… Sunday evening may be the earliest possibility.

My brand new, still unwaxed Torq 7’8

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