Goodbyes to Ville and Riga – Back on the Road

Sipping cocktails

We had a fun night in Riga last night with some cocktails and visits to some cool bars. I really like the city. I’ve been there once around twelve years ago. Even then in February when the weather wasn’t very pleasing I remember thinking that I need to visit this city again. I still have the same feeling about the city and I kind of felt bad leaving today. Ville made a good choice to book a whole week right away.

A visit to the museum of the occupation of Latvia

It was raining this morning so we decided that it’s time for some indoor activities. We went to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia and had an emotional tour there. It wasn’t fun, but we both enjoyed it a lot. It is pretty scary how much of what happened in Latvia before now sounds very familiar if you listen to the news from the Ukraine. The deportations, filtration camps and the Soviet idea of destroying fascism in Latvia really sound way too familiar right now. Somehow you’d think that people would learn from past mistakes and “evolve” past evils like that, but apparently not. That is

On the road again

Around three pm after eating some excellent fish for late lunch, it was time to move on. I thought about driving at least to Kaunas today, but since the roads were good and I still felt like driving I ended up 70 kilometers inside Poland. My spot for tonight is a parking area on a small river close to Augustów. It has already gotten dark, so I’ll have a better look at the place tomorrow morning.
Naranja has been a real sport today. No blinking lights or anything out of the ordinary. I’m really hoping that the issue was just some random one time thing that won’t repeat.

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