Lisbon Impressions – Walking and Eating Well

I had a fun but tiring day in downtown Lisbon on Saturday and saw a lot of pretty things. I also took a ferry across the river to Almada so some of the pictures below are not from Lisbon really. Some were taken from the different viewing points I visited in and there are also some snaps from impressive street art I encountered on my walk. I also had a lot of tasty food at Taberna da Rua das Flores and excellent craft beer at Dois Corvos.

Since Lisbon basically is all hills my legs hurt pretty bad yesterday from Saturday’s walking (or climbing I should say). So I decided just to have a lazy day. I did go for a long swim in the campsite pool, but otherwise didn’t do much except for reading. Later though I went for a walk along the river and had excellent sushi for dinner with someone I met on Saturday.

I ended up staying another night at the campsite and I worked from there today. Now I’m back “home” in Baleal. Everyone here told me that I made a food choice going away for the weekend. The conditions for surfing have been horrible. After doing a quick grocery stop I went straight in for an evening surf. But I pretty much just got smashed around. Since I didn’t get hurt and I hurt no one else so I guess I achieved the minimum goal though.