Münster, Krefeld Linn and Goodbyes to Germany

I left Nordhorn on Saturday and drove to Münster to do some laundry and enjoy the pretty city. I went there plenty of times when I lived in Nordhorn and always liked it. After a night in Münster I drove to Krefeld Linn to do the last social call this trip. And the award for the last night in Germany goes to: Ernzen on the border to Luxemburg.


Saturday was my first laundry day on the road. It seems I have about 10 days worth of clean undies and t-shirts. For emergencies I do have some hand wash detergent with me too. I have never used a laundromat before, but it was simple enough and I managed without problems.

In addition to washing my clothes I also went for a beer in the Pinkus Müller brewery and just biked around the city. The beer was as good as I remembered as was the city pretty. In the morning I decided that I needed some exercise (and a shower) and went for a swim in the open-air swimming pool close to where I parked for the night. The shower in Naranja works just fine, but for a guy my size it’s still a bit cramped. Also, showering empties the fresh water tank and fills the gray water tank pretty fast. If I can find a good alternative, I’ll normally take it gladly.

There’s a beautiful bike route going around Münster
The Pinkus Müller brewery
Krefeld Linn

I had never been to Krefeld and had never even heard of the historical part of the town Linn before. Timo and Jenny, a Finnish/Venezuelan couple I know from my times in Nordhorn now live there. Jenny sent me a message after seeing the Facebook post about my plans and it was pretty much on the route I had thought about taking so I decided to stop there for a bit.

I know some of the Ruhr area quite well since I lived for some time in Bochum in 2008-2009. There’s a lot of industry and the area is not really famous for pretty cities. That was my expectation about Linn as well, but it really took me by surprise. It’s a really nice historical part of Krefeld that has a castle and beautiful old buildings.

Burg Linn
The castle from the courtyard side
Pretty buildings in the historical Linn
One hot (as in sweaty) tourist
Teufelsschlucht (Devil’s gorge)

Before I left Linn Timo showed me some pictures about a pretty place they’d been to some time ago that was more or less on my way. So I decided to drive to Ernzen on the Luxemburg border. I got there around nine in the evening and slept on the parking lot of the sight. The name of the place: Teufelsschlucht (Devil’s gorge) somehow rang a bell but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. During the two hour drive I realized what it was. There’s something quite similarly named close to Jyväskylä too: Hitonhauta (Devil’s grave). And the scenery has much in common too.

To beat the heavier rain I took a small hike very early in the morning. Unfortunately the drizzle and the lack of light made the photos a bit grainy.

The view back from under the first steps into the gorge
The way forward from the same spot as the picture before
The view up from the deepest part
The town of Irrel peeking through the bushes
Moving on to France

I’m about to head south through Luxemburg to France now. This will all be very new to me. I haven’t really been to France except for the airports in Paris. I’ll try to get at least to Auxerre today. The Park4night app shows a nice camping area there. I may go on a bit further too, we’ll see.

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