Recap of a Warm and Surfy Week – I Do Work Too

Weather update

Two weeks ago it really felt like the summer was going away. But this week I’ve had to work from outside Naranja again. Even here on the coast the temperatures have been close to 30 Celsius. The wind has calmed down a lot too.

But there’s a weird gloominess especially in the evenings because of Sahara dust in the atmosphere. The picture below has been taken just a little after sunset. When a week ago the sunsets very colorful and beautiful, this week the scenery has been almost post apocalyptic. The sun already disappears half an hour before setting. But it seems to be clearing a little again now.

Welcome to nuclear winter
Every day you put on your wetsuit and go to the beach

This has been an amazing surf week. I’ve gone out every day. I stopped doing condition check-ups beforehand and just put on the wetsuit and grabbed the board. I haven’t thought about the conditions too much since the beach (or many small beaches actually) have had waves every time I’ve gone in. And on Tuesday and Wednesday when the swell was the smallest this week, I had more or less the whole beach to myself.

The smallest days were also the best ones. The waves were small, slow and merciful and forgave my mistakes a little. I’ve never surfed as many waves in a session before. On Thursday the waves were bigger again and the beach was also a lot fuller. And today they got almost too big and I only had a short session after work.

A supply run to Decathlon

On Thursday I drove to a sports store nearby to replace my lost Speedos (I have no idea what happened to my old ones) and broken flip flops. I also bought a tent underlay that I can use as a mat in front of Naranja’s side door. I’ve been thinking about getting something like this for some time already because it would really make the outside area under the awning more comfortable and maybe also keep the inside area a bit cleaner.

My barefoot area just got bigger (and it’s just half the real size here)
Yes, I’m working too

I just realized that I haven’t mentioned work much at all in this blog so far. So maybe a quick update is due there too. To be honest, it’s been going pretty much like the past two years from home. I get just as much done and none of the work follows me into evenings and weekends. Also, I like the challenge and freedom that I have while doing it.

I haven’t run out of power even on cloudy and rainy days, but I’ve had to learn to manage working without the big extra screen then though. That hasn’t bothered me nearly as much as I had expected. The network has been working just fine too. I’ve mainly used the Finnish network on my phone but every once in a while the Spanish prepaid in my old phone too.

My company is using me for recruiting purposes

Roadnaranja hasn’t been the only blog I’ve been writing recently. My company has a blog series called Senior Trainee (that comes from one of our company’s mottos that highlights that we are always learning). The main purpose of the blog is to help recruit new people to our company. It showcases some employees that have a story to tell and when they heard about my plans they wanted to make one about me. I was allowed to write it myself but of course it has been edited and made fancier by the marketing pros in our company. Unfortunately it’s only in Finnish, but if someone wants to have a look, you can read it here.