Trip to Budapest – Six Workdays – Each from a Different Country

I had a crazy five days of working and driving coming down from Pärnu Estonia to Budapest. The following I would not recommend to anyone. I also had a chance to make a stopover in Riga and continue a tradition from last year.

Leaving Pärnu and meeting Ville

On Monday after I had said goodbyes to Elina and finished off my work, I drove straight to Riga. I parked in the same parking lot that I used the last time. The reason for my stop was that Ville had just gotten there from Vilnius where he spent a week with her mom and sister. Last August we drove to Riga together and spent a couple of days there. This time it would only be one night and a quick early dinner after work on Tuesday. Riga was as pretty as I remembered! We took a nice photo of us sipping cocktails in the same bar where we took a similar picture in the post linked above.

Ville and me sipping cocktails again.
The crazy part begins

On Monday I had worked from Pärnu (EST) and Tuesday from Riga (LAT). So far I had not done a lot of driving and working, but that needed to change now. I realized a bit late that the distance from Riga to Budapest was about 1500 kilometers (or about 18 hrs) and I needed to be in Budapest on Friday and also work full eight hour days.

From Riga I drove to Marijampolé (LIT) for the night and for Wednesday to work (a gas station). On Wednesday I continued to Kamieńsk (POL) and worked from a city office parking lot on Thursday. After work I continued across the border to the Czech Republic, but since I still had ways to go I continued to Slovakia and stopped in Beckov for the night.

That was already close enough to Budapest so that I dared to look around a bit too. I had worked just below the Beckov castle and I took a stroll during lunch break to take a couple of snapshots of it.It is impressively built on top of a small the cliffs. I did not go up to the castle though.

The Beckov castle

On Friday I still had about 300 kilometers left but the drive went quickly and even the city of Budapest wasn’t too difficult to navigate. I got to the campsite on time and settled in. I was really tired and pretty much just went to bed because I had stuff to do the next morning. That’s the topic for my next post. But since this was just five workdays and five countries, I’ll skip for a bit. Since on Monday I worked from Budapest that makes it the sixth consecutive workday each from a different country. This is an accomplishment of sorts, but not recommended…

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