These are the voyages of the road ship Naranja and its captain Harri. Their ongoing mission: to explore Europe. To seek out new ways and new experiences. To boldly go where others have already been to! And also maybe to get over an age crisis.

This blog started as a road trip blog. I went on a ride with my motor home (a.k.a. Naranja) to Portugal for four months last summer/fall. But there’s more! Since the first trip was a success I’m now getting ready for another one. I will try to keep writing about my life as I did during the last trip.

Image is the handiwork of Matti Reivi

Older blogs:
https://irelandbike.blogspot.com/ (A four week bike tour in Ireland in 2012)
https://volunteeringthroughindia.blogspot.com/ (A four month trip to India in 2013)