All Clear – I Hope

Just a quick post to update you on the Naranja emergency. The problem seems to be solved right now. What it actually was is a bit hard to say though.

I took Naranja to Autobrava motors and after they fiddled with the engine for about 90 minutes the problem has now disappeared. Apparently the secondary fan was where the issue was, but what fixed it remains somewhat a mystery. They switched the horn relay with the secondary fan relay and now everything works normally again, the horn included.
I would have preferred a clear cut solution, but I’m still happy with the situation now. I’m just hoping the problem stays away…

Also, instead of leaving Riga tonight, I decided to stay until tomorrow. The city is so pretty and the weather is just too good for driving. It’s about 30 degrees celsius and the sun is shining. Time to relax a little and enjoy the city.

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