Another Lisbon Weekend in a Row

A quick surf update first

Friday and Saturday I had cool sessions in small and manageable waves. Friday was really a lot of fun and I got a lot of waves. Saturday morning the waves were really small, but the sunrise and solitude made up for that. I’m planning to spend most of this ongoing week here at Costa da Caparica too. It looks like the conditions are going to be more favourable here than in Baleal. This doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned Baleal completely. Actually I might end up going there even this week, since my wetsuit is due to get back there soon too.

Another side of Lisbon

I stayed at a very different place in Lisbon this time. Something more bohemian and exciting than a regular campsite. The night here costs 25€ but it includes live music in the neighboring culture venue (more about that later). I had seen this place before in Park4Night, but last weekend I went for the campsite instead. I assumed this place might be full on weekends, but that wasn’t the case. The holiday season is slowly coming to an end I guess.

My spot for the night
Dourada grelhada (a grilled Gilt-head bream). I had this definite Portuguese classic for Saturday’s lunch.
Great live music and a fun night

The free live music at Fábrica Braço de Prata turned out to be really cool. Ana, whom I met the previous weekend came over and we had a really cool night. The music was good, but the atmosphere of the old big house was even better. It’s split into art galleries, libraries/used book shops and live music venues.

I’ve seen cool jam sessions before, but the one Saturday night was by far the coolest I’ve ever seen. For some parts of it there were nine people on stage singing or playing different instruments including a violin and a West African instrument called the kora. In spite of the amount of people and variation in instruments everything still managed to sound absolutely beautiful and harmonious. I haven’t enjoyed live music this much in a while.

Unfortunately I left my phone in Naranja and I have nothing to show you about the cool night. But I’m sure I’ll head back there another weekend at some point. Especially since I missed going through all the lovely old used books on the various bookshelves.

An outside chill area between the parking spot and the Fábrica.
Sunday – sights, good food and back to Caparica

On Sunday Ana took me for lunch to Moinho Dom Quixote a little above Cascais. She said she wanted to go there herself and that she’d love to show it to me too. The view from that place was really stunning and the food was tasty too. We also had a quick stop close to the restaurant at the western most spot of continental Europe: Cabo da Roca. A beautiful Sunday afternoon had apparently made others do the same and there were a lot of people there.

The view from the mill restaurant toward Guincho beach
A view north from Cabo da Roca
Cabo da Roca

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