Nordhorn – Thoughts and Images

This has been a fun and relaxed week. I got to meet more people than I planned, but I also had plenty of time to look around the city and enjoy some of the things I have missed. I’ve eaten plenty of German bread rolls fresh from a local bakery. Those I definitely missed in Finland. There will be plenty of good food down south too, but I know that I’ll miss them soon.

It’s been wonderful to see all the water, the canals the Vechte river and the small lake again. The town markets itself with the phrase: “Nordhorn – Water town” and it’s no wonder. Everything has been even prettier than I remembered.

One of the my favorite things in Germany: bread rolls
Plenty of pretty bike routes along canals and the Vechte here
The Vechte river runs through the city
The Vechtesee (a small lake) seen from a cafe
In other news

The weather here has been good for preparing for the south. The past two days it’s been over 30 degrees Celsius and it’s going to be like that for the next few days too. Naranja has gotten really hot during the day and it has become clear that working from the car is not an option. I managed to find a table that I can use outside under the awning. I haven’t bought it yet, but I measured it and then measured the space under my bed and it should be a perfect fit. It is big and stable enough for my 27″ screen and laptop. The height can also be modified a little. I’ll buy it tomorrow before leaving.

I’m leaving town tomorrow and stopping over in Germany a few more times during the weekend to see some more people. On Sunday I may already leave Germany behind. But we’ll see how far I get. The next set date is the 21st and then I need to be in Baleal in Portugal. Funnily enough, it’s only around 20 degrees Celsius there right now and it seems to stay that way at least until I get there. Right now I really don’t mind that at all. Temperature-wise this has not been very easy or comfortable the past couple of days.

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